Solutions stepper motors with encoder  for positioning systems

Solutions stepper motors with encoder for positioning systems

  • No autotunning needed
  • Fast positioning
  • Encoder resolution until 32.000 ppr
  • Economic
Commited with the motion
Positioning with stepper motors always gave rise to uncertainty about how the engine behaved in certain circumstances. With our closed loop solutions we have total control of what is happening. A control of speed, torque and even a dynamic current control are now possible. Forget about using step-by-step open loop engines when you have the possibility to improve your system in all aspects.
  • Better dynamics than conventional solutions
  • Drastic reductions of motor overteDisminución drástica de la sobretemperatura del motor.
  • No hunting.
  • Great positioning resolution.
Direct2Motion wants to know how the operation of the supplied equipment has gone and is committed to resolve any doubt or difficulty that the customer may have in the commissioning of the same.
  • Follow-up of the start-up.
  • Continuous technical support.