Direct Motion and Fastech sign a distribution agreement for the whole of Spain.
The Korean company leader in solutions in closed loop bets by the experience and knowledge of the market in Direct Motion to promote its products. Among its wide catalog we can highlight of the programmable version EZI-SERVO-PLUS-R among other characteristics it is possible to emphasize the following ones:

- It has a encoder of 10,000 ppr and allows several control modes, among them DLL libraries if you make a programming in Visual Basic.
- At the end of the positioning we will have an exit that will confirm that we are in position
- The position accuracy does not depend on the motor steps, depends only on the resolution of the encoder
- It has a control of the current in relation to the load, which avoids motor overheating as in the current solutions where it is continually being supplied with the nominal motor current
- Improved acceleration / deceleration time due to the "Boost current setting" function up to 150% of rated current
- Totally stopped, at speed 0 we avoid the vibration maintaining the position to the contrary that happens with the servomotors.
- Quieter solution than step by step in open loop.

This type of product is the solution to the constant problem presented by standard solutions in step-by-step such as loss of steps, noise and overheating.
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