Solutions  for military and aerospace sectors

Solutions for military and aerospace sectors

  • Integral solution
  • Demanding requirements
  • All possible communications
Commited with the motion
A clear example is the integration of JVL motorized solutions into a huge radio telescope antenna in Chile called ALMA. The antenna is the heart of ALMA. These are the highest quality radio telescopes ever built, and must maintain their precise shape under high-voltage remote operation voltages at the Llano de Chajnantor site. The site offers exceptionally dry and clear sky required to operate at mm / submm wavelengths, but also experiences large daytime temperature variations and strong midday winds. ALMA antennas will be more than capable of operating in this extreme environment, allowing ALMA to take full advantage of this magnificent site. The specifications of each antenna are 2 absolute arcsec pointing over the whole sky, 0.6 arcsec following, and 25 micrometre r.m.s. Surface accuracy. These are very strict specifications for radio telescopes exposed to adverse weather at 5050m altitude.
  • All in one (Servo motor + drive + control)
  • Meeting of the demanding requirements
Direct2Motion wants to know how the operation of the supplied equipment has gone and is committed to resolve any doubt or difficulty that the customer may have in the commissioning of the same.
  • Follow-up of the start-up.
  • Continuous technical support.